Frequently Asked Questions - Sailing

How do I know when I can use my yacht?

The peak cruising season is scheduled in advance, at the beginning of each calendar year, according to an equitable and transparent process which allows Owners to plan their holidays effectively.  The shoulder (spring & fall) seasons are typically managed with an ongoing (1@aTime) reservation system.  Generally our yachts are idle during the winter months.

I have not learned sailing or yachting yet – what qualifications do I need to be an Owner?

For safety and to ensure optimum yachting experiences we arrange for all owners to carry the Canadian Yachting Association Intermediate Cruising and Coastal Navigation certification. For more experienced skippers we’ll sail with you at first to ‘show you the ropes’ on board your new yacht.  We also have skippers and crew available should you prefer this approach.

Where can I sail with my yacht?

You can sail virtually anywhere in the Pacific Northwest depending on the yacht type you purchase, your competence and prevailing weather.  We often arrange ‘1-way’ itineraries in coordination with other Owners.

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