Frequently Asked Questions - Ownership

Fractional ownership is shared ownership, typically of quality aircraft, yachts or real estate. One 4 Yacht Fractions provides managed fractional ownership, in that ownership, maintenance, inspection and usage issues are managed by One 4, freeing your time from normal issues of shared equipment.

 One 4 Yacht Fractions provides an excellent lifestyle alternative for families who:

  • Appreciate newness, quality, and reliability
  • Wish to enjoy cruising 20 – 40 days per year
  • Appreciate the benefits of ownership
  • Have busy schedules due to business, family, and other leisure interests
  • Prefer having maintenance and other details managed by professionals

You have direct ownership of your interest and may sell it at any time. Our Owners tend to prefer a time horizon of 5-9 years, and most of our legal agreements have a term structured within this range.

Owners invest in the fractional yacht interest that best meets their yachting desires for a planned period.  We currently manage yachts with 1 to 4 owners.  Manageable budgets are established for operating items such as moorage, insurance, maintenance, repairs, management, provisioning, and/or skippering services.  Owners enjoy the yachting lifestyle with the continuous support of a team of experienced professionals and subsequently divest at the conclusion of the planned period, or sooner if plans change.

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