Frequently Asked Questions

What is fractional ownership?

Fractional ownership is shared ownership, typically of quality aircraft, yachts or real estate. One 4 Yacht Fractions provides managed fractional ownership, in that ownership, maintenance, inspection and usage issues are managed by One 4, freeing your time from normal issues of shared equipment.

How do I know whether fractional yacht ownership is right for me?

 One 4 Yacht Fractions provides an excellent lifestyle alternative for families who:

  • Appreciate newness, quality, and reliability
  • Wish to enjoy cruising 20 – 40 days per year
  • Appreciate the benefits of ownership
  • Have busy schedules due to business, family, and other leisure interests
  • Prefer having maintenance and other details managed by professionals

What type of yachts are available?

We restrict our offerings to top-range sail and power cruisers between 36′ & 80′ LOA.  We look for quality, newness, construction integrity, safety, residual value, and suitability for the cruising waters of the Pacific Northwest.

What if my dream yacht is not within your current selection?

If you’re interested in a specific yacht not currently on our list, or if you currently own a late model yacht and are considering taking on a partner(s), please contact us to discuss.

How do I know when I can use my yacht?

The peak cruising season is scheduled in advance, at the beginning of each calendar year, according to an equitable and transparent process which allows Owners to plan their holidays effectively.  The shoulder (spring & fall) seasons are typically managed with an ongoing (1@aTime) reservation system.  Generally our yachts are idle during the winter months.

How long do I own my interest in a yacht?

You have direct ownership of your interest and may sell it at any time. Our Owners tend to prefer a time horizon of 5-9 years, and most of our legal agreements have a term structured within this range.

I have not learned sailing or yachting yet – what qualifications do I need to be an Owner?

For safety and to ensure optimum yachting experiences we arrange for all owners to carry the Canadian Yachting Association Intermediate Cruising and Coastal Navigation certification. For more experienced skippers we’ll sail with you at first to ‘show you the ropes’ on board your new yacht.  We also have skippers and crew available should you prefer this approach.

Where can I sail with my yacht?

You can sail virtually anywhere in the Pacific Northwest depending on the yacht type you purchase, your competence and prevailing weather.  We often arrange ‘1-way’ itineraries in coordination with other Owners.

What are the economics of purchasing a One 4 Yacht Fractions fractional interest?

Owners invest in the fractional yacht interest that best meets their yachting desires for a planned period.  We currently manage yachts with 1 to 4 owners.  Manageable budgets are established for operating items such as moorage, insurance, maintenance, repairs, management, provisioning, and/or skippering services.  Owners enjoy the yachting lifestyle with the continuous support of a team of experienced professionals and subsequently divest at the conclusion of the planned period, or sooner if plans change.

How do I get more information about the One 4 Yacht Fractions fractional yacht ownership program?

Contact One 4 Yacht® at (604) 66 YACHT.

What kind of yacht management services do you offer?

We provide comprehensive yacht management services like cleaning, security monitoring, equipment checks, underwater inspections, scheduled maintenance (such as haulouts or safety equipment inspections), unscheduled maintenance (such as repairs or ‘troubleshooting’, project management (such as equipment upgrades or replacement), contents storage, crewing services, consolidated billing, among other services.  In general we strive to make it possible for owners to focus on the enjoyment of the yachting lifestyle and not worry so much about the countless details.

How can I ensure my yacht is well-managed while I'm away?

Many of our clients are not residents of Vancouver or even British Columbia or even Canada.  In these cases, it is especially important for them to know that their yacht is being cared for in their absence.  We have received lots of feedback from current and past clients over the years expressing how comforting it is to know that we are around and caring for their investment as if it were our own, check our Testimonials.


What kind of records do you keep?

Documentation is a strong point for us.  We use a combination of hard-copy checklists as well as electronic documentation which owners access via the secure password protected internal pages of our website.  Having records such as this are invaluable if and when the time comes to sell.

What sets your yacht services apart from others?

In general the feedback we have received has shown us that our customers consider us to be reliable and trust-worthy (check our Testimonials).  We try to use where possible to make things work smoother or more efficiently.  We try to communicate to owners regularly through various means including phone, email, website content.


How does yacht leasing work?

Yacht leasing allows you to enjoy the benefits of the yachting lifestyle with a limited financial commitment, providing flexibility and enjoyment on a more infrequent basis or for special occasions.  We organize and arrange the appropriate vessel, the schedule, the itinerary, the provisions, the details.  Separately we connect you with experienced and capable crew to make the experience stress-free for you.

How long can I lease a yacht for?

Yacht leasing terms vary, but we offer flexible lease durations to accommodate your schedule, whether it's for a short-term getaway or a longer-term adventure on the water.  Every experience is unique.

How do I start the process of purchasing or selling a yacht in Vancouver?

Generally, the process begins with a conversation and communication around needs and wants, must-haves, hopes, dreams, timelines, deal-breakers, and the like.  A useful way to start this process is to complete our ‘Request for Info’ form on our website.

Why should I pick One 4 Yacht Group to purchase or sell a yacht in Vancouver?

We understand that purchasing a yacht is a significant investment, which is why we provide personalized service tailored to your specific needs and desires, ensuring your buying experience is seamless and enjoyable from start to finish.

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