Client Testimonials

Mike & Kim, Owners

Thought I would send you the website of One4Yacht – as it appears, they presently have a ¼ share available in a Bavaria 42 foot.  If you wish to strike up a conversation with their guy, call Nuno (nice guy)… We have been owners since last Christmas and have been very pleased.

Felix, Owner

As a future reference, please feel free to provide my name to potential clients. I will always be glad to provide glowing remarks.

Tim N., Owner

The canvas work looks terrific! Many thanks for looking after the boat. Very good.

Craig, Owner

Just arrived about 30 minutes ago.  We ran into a massive school of Porpoises about 500 metres NW of Entrance Island.  We have never seen so many in one spot.  We had them jumping our bow wake!  That was worth the trip in itself!

The Wen Family, Owner

Thank you for your kind and patient help over the past year!  It has been a pleasure, as always, working with and learning from you!  We hope that we will continue to work and enjoy excursions together in the future.

Bob & Nancy, Owners

Thank-you! We appreciate all your patient hard work. Thanks for making our sailing dream come true!

Tim N., Owner

While I am sincerely thrilled with the quality of the boat – I am equally thrilled and impressed by the level of service and professionalism that has been continually presented by Nuno Miguel Alves, of One 4 Yacht. From the outset of the process, Nuno has acted with utmost integrity and has earned all of the owner’s confidence and respect in dealing with the business side of the investment.

Steve, Owner

Great Sail on Saturday. Love the boat! Better than I expected. Looking forward to getting out for two weeks. Really pleased with the job you have done in getting everything ready and set up. Thanks very much.

Pascal, Owner

Thanks for the update and thanks for handling the whole issue as well as you did. Having you taking care of it all is another invaluable benefit from the fractional ownership program you guys manage.

David M, Owner

Met with John and he has done a great job assessing what needs to be done...Thanks.

Bruce, Owner

Awesome Nancy. Thank you!!!! Very thorough.

Dean, Owner

Thanks Nancy, very useful information.  You’re right, we can’t wait to get back out there.

Rob, Owner

Thanks for the update. No I didn’t know about the storm. Glad you are on the job.

Dick, Owner

Nuno: Thanks very much. We appreciate your assistance in getting things organized.

Andrew, Owner

We were a bit skeptical about going into a managed program, but, having owned a boat outright for many years, we had to accept that work and family schedule did not align with independent ownership. Much as we enjoy the maintenance of a boat, we just did not have the time to do it! This is why it really works for us; our yacht, which is moored in Granville, has been exceptionally well managed and maintained, allowing us to spend our limited time sailing.

Bob & Susan, Owners

A kid with free reign in a candy store could not be happier than Susan and I are at this moment.

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